My Process

My Process
  • We initially need to share insurance details and you will need my Pin number.
  • it is important that I see all clients face to face when prescribing to them. I then need to see Clients at least every 6 months, or should anything change on their medical form, in order to repeat the prescription. 
  • All prescriptions are made to an individual
  • I prefer to use the faces consent App to record consent and medical condition, however I will utilise whatever you are using for your business, all notes stay with you. Notes do need to contain before and after treatment photos 
  • You will need to register with a Pharmacy and partner with me. 
  • A list of pharmacies I am currently registered with can be found on this page, I recommend you registered with at least 2. If your current pharmacy is not on this page I will be happy to register with them if you prefer.
  • Each Client "slot" should be booked for 15 minutes, the minimum times set to an hour to allow for travelling. So 1 to 4 clients 1 hour 4 to 8 2 hours etc etc
  • During the appointment I will review the client medical form and ask the appropriate questions, give them information regarding the treatment and assess their suitability 
  • I take no monies from the client and I invoice you, however should the client wish not to go ahead with treatment their will be no charge